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March 12, 2013
Point Mobile, a leading South Korean provider of rugged mobile terminals, selects dB Performance to enable high-performance Wi-Fi security and fast roaming for their products.
October 1, 2012
dB Performance introduces dBP-FS technology to enable optimal Wi-Fi fast-roaming performance, using existing Wi-Fi hardware and commercial infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade, industry-leading

Wi-Fi authentication and roaming solutions.

We specialize in providing seamless and secure Wi-Fi roaming technology to manufacturers of mobile devices. Our technologies include Cisco CCX, Wi-Fi Alliance Voice Enterprise, and Wi-Fi Alliance Passpoint automated hotspot login.

CCX Lite is coming. Are you ready?

After June 2013, CCXv4 Wi-Fi certification will be replaced by CCX Lite.

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Introducing dBP-FS technology for Wi-Fi.

  • Roam faster than ever before on 802.1X networks where CCX or 802.11r is not available.
  • Achieve better performance with VoIP, steaming media, and high-availability applications.
  • Standards-based - works with existing WLAN drivers and all commercial Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Leadership in Wi-Fi Location Services.

Why wait for reliable indoor Wi-Fi Location Services to be developed and rolled out into infrastructure, when they are already available today. Allow employees to locate important resources, allow companies to track workers in hazardous environments, and many other powerful possibilities. dB Performance provides the world's first complete Wi-Fi Location Services solution based on Cisco CCX technology.

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Looking for FIPS 140-2 Compliance?

Government contracts and now health care providers require FIPS 140-2 certification for mobile devices that connect to their network. Demand for FIPS 140-2 will continue to increase, especially after President Obama's recent cyber-security executive order to protect critical network infrastructure. FIPS 140-2 ensures a consistent and tamper-resistant encryption implementation, and is now available on dB Performance's Fast Supplicant.

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Passpoint (Release 1)
now available.

The Wi-Fi Alliance Passpoint release 1 specification provides a seamless, standards-based method to detect and securely connect to public hotspot networks. dB Performance provides a hardware-neutral implementation, optimized for embedded mobile devices.

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