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KRAVE 802.11k/r/v Testing

KRAVE-2 test bed for testing 802.11k/r/v, or perform 802.11k/r/v testing for the customer.

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KRAVE Supplicant

High-performance WLAN authentication, encryption, and roaming.

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Location Engine

EPIIC Security for IoT

A compact security stack for secure communications between IoT devices

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KRAVE Supplicant

KRAVE Supplicant

Using dBP-FS technology, the KRAVE Supplicant enables high-performance WLAN authentication, encryption, and roaming on portable devices.

The KRAVE Supplicant is implemented as a middleware application between the WLAN driver and the device connection manager, and can significantly extend the capabilities of a native supplicant. The Fast Supplicant can be configured to support any of the following features:

  • WPA/WPA2-Personal and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
  • Comprehensive EAP method support
  • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Optional KRAVE 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11v fast-roaming
  • Optional CCX (Cisco Certified Extensions) version 4 or CCX-Lite
  • Optional FIPS 140-2
  • Optional Passpoint

KRAVE Supplicant Datasheet (pdf)

WLAN Supplicant

The WLAN Supplicant has been developed and refined over many years and deployed on millions of devices worldwide. It can be quickly deployed on a wide range of current and legacy platforms including Windows CE 5/6, Windows Mobile 5/6.x, Windows Compact Embedded 7, Windows XP, Linux, and other operating systems.

The WLAN Supplicant can be configured to support any of the following features:

  • WPA/WPA2-Personal
  • WPA/WPA2-Enterprise with full EAP authentication support
  • Cisco Certified eXtensions (CCX) version 4 or CCX Lite
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

WLAN Supplicant Datasheet (pdf)

EPIIC Security for IoT

The EPIIC Security Stack enables IoT (Internet of Things) device makers to implement automotive-grade network security, using existing networking hardware.

Key features include:

  • Digital certificate based authentication
  • Peer-to-peer device communication – no infrastructure required
  • Support for multiple networking protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others)
  • Support for multiple operating systems, including embedded RTOS
  • Provisioning support
  • Rapid discovery of other devices on multiple channels
  • Optimized for embedded devices

EPIIC Security datasheet (pdf)

EPIIC Video:

Location Engine

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KRAVE 802.11k/r/v Testing

dB Performance® can provide the KRAVE-2 test bed for testing 802.11k/r/v, or perform 802.11k/r/v testing for the customer.

KRAVE-2 Test Bed features:

  • Supports “black box” conformance testing of 802.11k/r/v protocols for APs or STAs
    • Benchtop form factor supporting cabled or air-interface DUT connections
    • Seamless integration with Cisco 2504/3504 WLAN controllers for STA DUT testing
  • Supports up to three dual-band AP DUTs for multi-AP and mesh network testing
  • Supports up to three simultaneous packet capture channels
  • Supports up to three simultaneous captive STAs for AP load testing
    • Supports PCIe, miniPCIe, M.2, or standalone DUT hardware
    • Supports 2x2 MIMO testing with cabled or over-the-air DUT connections
  • Simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 testing
    • Independent attenuator control of each MIMO stream for impairment testing
    • Integrated Wireshark packet capture and analysis
    • Integrated 802.1X authentication server (FreeRADIUS)

Testing and consulting includes:

  • Testing on the dB Performance® KRAVE-2 test bed
  • Full test report for all supported 802.11k/r/v roaming features
  • Engineering advice to correct deficiencies
KRAVE Testing datasheet
Location Engine
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